Professional Motorcycle,
Boat, and Car Services

Our care, attention, and dedication go beyond any service we offer. We can provide vehicle storage, diagnostics, tuning, and more. We are also able to service motorcycles and boats. No matter the problem or request, we are ready to take on the challenge.

Vehicle Storage

While many of us love our sporty summer cars, they’re not always ideal in the east coast winter. To best protect your vehicle, store it away at Total Performance Center. This way you can ensure it’s in a safe and secure facility, minimizing the risk of damage. Before handing back your keys, we can also complete a full inspection, including checking the battery, brakes, and overall performance.

Vehicle storage is also necessary during unfavorable circumstances. A protected, secure, and climate-controlled space is more ideal than some home parking situations. Detailing and other services can be scheduled ahead of time, so your car is ready when you want to take it out of storage. We make it hassle-free.

Our White Glove Service

Total Performance Center offers safe and secure services, as all cars are on site and within our care. We are able to achieve all of your goals, all in one place. We go beyond standard expectations by delivering outstanding results for our customers. We can perform pick-ups and drop-offs, assist with buying and transporting logistics, complete any type of vehicle servicing request, and more—just ask. As we put forward speed, precision, and expertise, our customers continue to come back and recommend our white glove performance shop.

Motorcycle and Boat
Detailing and Upgrades

We have a passion for all things fast, including motorcycles. We can take care of any customizations, paint protection, or ceramic coating installations. Routine maintenance can also be completed at Total Performance Center, which should be done once a year or every 4,000-6,000 miles.

Similarly, we can perform boat detailing and upgrades. We offer detailed paint correction, ceramic coating, and exterior and interior services for all boats. We are also a certified Gatorstep dealer, creating endless possibilities for customized marine flooring. Installing high-end stereos are our specialty as well.