Custom Stereos
for Cars, Boats,
and Motorcycles

We know you may love your older car or boat model, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with dated technology. At Total Performance Center, we’re able to install up-to-date and high-end stereo systems for cars, boats, and motorcycles. The stereos we install have a custom fit within the current dash and have excellent sound quality for any occasion, from a long drive to a crowded boat party.

Car Audio Systems

While radios are standard in almost every car model, touch screen, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are not. No matter the features you’re looking for, we’ll provide a selection of available solutions for you to choose from and promptly install the car stereo.

Boat Audio Systems

We can custom tailor your boat stereo to exactly fit your needs. Whether you just want some tunes for your fishing trip, on your jet ski, or for your wakeboard rider 80’ back – we can custom tailor a solution for your exact use.

Motorcycle Audio Systems

Similar to cars, most modern motorcycles are equipped with some type of radio. We can upgrade your bike with a custom audio system to fit your riding needs. Whether you need an intercom through a headset or sound out of a speaker, we can ensure a high sound quality or communication to other motorists.

Custom Fit for Your Stereo System

Before installing any stereo system on a car or boat, we’ll ensure a long-lasting custom fit. Especially for boats, durability and protection are vital to the lifespan of a stereo system. If you’re experiencing a problem with your current audio or sound quality, we can evaluate the system and perform a repair or replacement.