Motorcycle Maintenance,
Upgrades, and More

We know how important every day of riding season is. That’s why we offer motorcycle maintenance, upgrades, and other services for our customers. We want to keep your motorcycle at top performance this season and for many more to come.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

  • Routine motorcycle maintenance generally should be done once a year or every 4,000-6,000 miles.
  • We can help you determine how often your motorcycle should be serviced based on its make, model, year, mileage, and service manual.
  • Following a routine schedule will increase the longevity of your motorcycle and safety while riding.

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

At Total Performance Center, we make sure to check every possible part and function of your motorcycle during routine maintenance, including the tires.

  • We will change the oil at regular intervals to ensure the engine remains at top performance. We can also clean or replace the oil filter if needed.

  • If necessary, we’ll replace the air filter to ensure dirt and other debris stays out of the engine.

  • We’ll keep your bike and its chain clean and lubricated for increased performance and longevity.

  • We’ll visually inspect the tires, check the pressure gauge, and look for any signs of wear and tear on the tire tread, which can affect the tire’s grip on roads.

  • Especially after sitting during the winter season, you don’t want a dead battery when you try to turn on your motorcycle. We’ll make sure your battery is fully charged for the first nice day of the season.

  • We’ll check the levels of all fluids, including brake fluid and coolant. If necessary, we will flush or drain it and refill the fluid.

  • We’ll inspect and perform tests on the brake pads to make sure the system is functioning properly.

  • Sometimes, a final drive is needed to identify a problem or test the throttle, brakes, and other bike functions.

Other Upgrades, Customizations, and Paint Protection

Keep your bike in top performance with upgrades and paint protection. We can perform any customizations, custom paint, powder coating, brake upgrades, paint protection, or ceramic coating installations on your motorcycle. No matter what you’re looking for, our knowledge and experience at Total Performance Center will get the job done.