Boat Detailing
and Upgrades

Total Performance Center is experienced in performing boat detailing and installing upgrades. We offer detailed paint and gel coat correction, ceramic coating, and exterior and interior services for all boats. We also install many marine upgrades, such as custom marine flooring and high-end stereos.

Boat Detailing Services

Whether you’re taking your boat out on a fishing trip or hosting a party on the water, you’ll want your vessel to look in top condition. Our professional boat detailing services include paint and gel coat correction, ceramic coating, and other exterior and interior services. We work on all boats from personal watercrafts to sailboats and wakeboats.

  • Total wash and detail from top to bottom (hull, deck, cockpit, fly bridge, etc.)
  • Glass and clear plastics cleaning and polishing
  • Vinyl seat cushions cleaning and protection
  • Fixtures and railing polishing
  • Interior washing and cleaning
  • Paint and gel coat protection (ceramic coating) on all exterior surfaces

For a pricing estimate, please contact Total Performance Center.

How Often Does My Boat Need a Detailing Service?

During the off season, even properly stored boats can accumulate dirt and other debris. During boating season, there are a number of contaminants that can ruin a boat’s finish, including marine life and general wear and tear. Quality ceramic coatings should be applied to your boat for total protection. Additional boat detailing and cleaning services can be performed on an as-needed basis.

Boat Upgrades

We are a certified Gatorstep dealer, creating endless possibilities for customized marine flooring. Gatorstep flooring is built for longevity, designed for grip, offer stain resistance, and protect against UV rays.

We are also specialized in installing high-end stereos for boats. Other upgrades include full RGB lighting, custom speaker packages, custom harnesses to run aftermarket amplifiers, tower speakers, and subwoofers. These upgrades can be configured to fit your specific use.