Our History:
From Porsche Shop
to Today

As a total white glove performance center, we deliver a high level of expertise, guidance, and care to our clients. We go above and beyond to provide the best service for daily drivers and track vehicles. Throughout our history, we have always focused on achieving peak performance through personalized attention.

The History

Aspen Autosports was founded in 2015 by Matthew Muller to share his knowledge and expertise in Porsche performance driving by delivering practical and measurable results that make a real difference on the track. As a Porsche track driving enthusiast, he desired to share his knowledge with the community and get cars around the track faster. His profound passion and ability to do the research and get the work done with longtime friend and expert Porsche technician Jake Priber, conduct real-world testing, make appropriate modifications, and test again led them to quickly create a name for Aspen and grow their reputation to where it is today!

“Our shop continues to grow and expand into a best in class, white-glove performance center where customers can have all of their needs met in one place.”

December 2018

In December of 2018, Matt decided to dedicate his time to coaching and training racetrack drivers on how to get around the track faster through on-track skill development, data analysis, and simulator practice. He also builds custom race simulators through his company, The SpeedLab. As he went on to directly impact driver skill development, Aspen Autosports was left to the capable hands of James Critchlaw, an automotive enthusiast, mechanical engineer, and business operator. Sharing the same passion and personal enthusiasm as Matt, the legacy has been carried on his reputation of doing excellent work with a high level of expertise.

June 2020

With James taking the reins, he quickly expanded upon the expert Porsche and Porsche track Prep service offering to include exotic and luxury car services, convertible top repair and restoration, paint protection, paint correction, and detailing, white glove sdervices, as well as street build services. Starting in June of 2020, after the service offering was expanded, it was decided to rebrand as Total Performance Center. The shop now delivers the total experience to our customers and helps them achieve peak performance through personalized attention for all of their needs. We provide the same dedication to projects as Matt—by doing the extra work and research needed to complete a job right, the first time!


James Critchlaw

James holds a degree in mechanical engineering with an automotive concentration and spent 15 years working as a national automotive parts distributor prior to taking over the management of Aspen. Starting at a very early age, James was fascinated with automotive engineering and built a business restoring E30 convertible tops in his garage in his spare time. His passion for being hands-on and working with cars and trucks became his full-time endeavor when he joined Aspen Autosports.

Jake Priber

Jake has been working directly with Porsche’s for the past 20 years as a technician, service writer, and performance consultant. Jake now spends his time overseeing all mechanical work and client consultation ensuring that each client gets what they want, and their cars perform at the highest possible level.