Schedule Car Maintenance
and Factory Services

Scheduling factory maintenance is essential for peak performance and value, especially for your daily driver, exotic, or collectable. Many manufacturers recommend safety inspections, engine diagnostics, fuel and air filter replacement, and new spark plugs and/or coil packs installation every 30/60/90K miles. However, each manufacturer has a unique suggested service schedule. We can determine and perform these services within your specific car’s required maintenance schedule.

Common Factory Maintenance

Oil changes should be completed every 3,000-5,000 miles OR annually for the engine to remain properly lubricated. This helps to keep your engine running at peak performance.

Transmission services may include replacing the fluid and/or installing a new filter. These services should be performed for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Belt replacements are needed, including the serpentine and timing belt. In the event that one snaps, serious engine damage can occur and affect your vehicle’s performance. Damage can also be caused to drivetrain components. We inspect all visible belts and any associated tensioners.

Fluid flushes aren’t always necessary during every routine maintenance session but should be done regularly.

Seasonal changes, such as tire rotations or replacements and wiper blade replacements, are typically performed twice a year. Especially in areas that experience ice and snow, winter tires and blades are essential to maintain optimal driving conditions.

Brake systems should be evaluated routinely, especially if they squeak or grind, cause jerky stops, or turn on the warning light. An inspection will reveal if any faulty parts need to be replaced, before an accident occurs.

Tire services, such as rotation, swaps, replacements, and off-season storage, are valuable to the performance of your vehicle. We can identify your car’s best tire options by understanding your driving goals and then install the new set.

The Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

The purpose of scheduled maintenance is to maintain the car’s performance and lifespan. Additionally, a trained eye can spot any potential warning signs or repairs that may be hiding under the hood.

We know you love your car, and we want to see you driving it for as long as possible! Total Performance Center specializes in white glove service, including pick-up and drop-off, making it incredibly convenient for your car to be serviced. All services that are performed report to Carfax, ensuring documentation on permanent records associated with the vehicle through its VIN number. This is beneficial for resell and trade-in value.