Are you looking to achieve peak performance and top lap times? You’ve come to the right place. Total Performance Center offers an incredible range of services for your track car and daily driver. We provide the total experience with precision and detailed attention—on and off the track.

Track Preparation

Get your car ready for the track with essential setup and preparation. Total Performance Center will maximize your car’s performance, reliability, and track manners within your budget and goals. Our track preparation services—safety upgrades, alignments, corner balancing, performance upgrades, suspension upgrades, and driver coaching—are customizable to fit your unique build.

Other services include oil changes, transmission services, belt replacements, and fluid flushes.

Factory Maintenance

Scheduling factory maintenance is essential for peak performance and value, especially for your daily driver. Many manufactures recommend safety inspections, engine diagnostics, fuel and air filter replacement, and new spark plugs and spark plug wires installation every 30/60/90K miles. Even if everything seems normal, it’s crucial to complete routine check-ups to increase your vehicle’s life. Other services include oil changes, transmission services, belt replacements, and fluid flushes.

Exterior & Interior

Paint protection and detailing is an investment for your track car or daily driver. It will preserve the original paint, maintain or increase your vehicle’s value, and keep the exterior and interior impeccably clean. We offer paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, glass coating, and wax application. Each option has a different level of durability and longevity. Ask our experts which one is right for your vehicle.

Convertible Tops

We offer convertible top servicing all year long. Our technicians can repair or replace electric, hydraulic, manual, or canvas tops. We especially recommended serving your convertible top before winter, as sitting for an extended period can affect the motor’s performance. We can handle any minor or large leaks during the warmer months by realigning or replacing the weather-stripping. We’ll get you back on the open road with the top down in no time.

Customer Creations

Our performance shop is fully equipped to handle customer creations. From graphics and decals to complete race cars, we can do it all. We have in-house equipment and materials to produce the exact look and feel you desire. Whether you’re looking for better performance, precision, handling, or corner balancing, we can help.