Repairs and Replacements
for Convertible Tops

We offer convertible top servicing all year long. Our technicians can repair or replace electric, hydraulic, manual, or canvas tops. We can handle any minor or large leaks by realigning or replacing the weather-stripping. We’ll get you back on the open road with the top down in no time.

The Best Time to Service a Convertible Top

We highly recommended servicing your convertible top during the winter season, before the springtime rush. A simple routine inspection can identify any warning signs and potential repairs before you’re ready to hit the road. It’s best to schedule maintenance early before the nice weather arrives—otherwise, you may miss out on some beautiful top-down days.

Professional, White-Glove Service

Total Performance Center makes it easy for you to get your convertible top serviced. We pride ourselves on reliable communication to ensure every piece is ready at our shop before your car arrives. This means we can perform efficient replacements and repairs quickly, at no inconvenience to you.

Frequently Serviced Vehicles

Our technicians are experienced in luxury and performance vehicles, specializing in:

No matter the model, we can help if your top won’t open or close properly by identifying the issue and presenting the best solution. Our dedication to providing the finest service means we will go above and beyond to get your convertible operating smoothly again.