Car Performance Upgrades
for Track Preparation

Get your car ready for the track with essential setup and preparation. Total Performance Center will maximize your car’s performance, reliability, and track manners within your budget and goals. Our track preparation services are customizable to fit your unique build.

Safety Upgrades

When you’re racing at high speeds, protecting you and your car are crucial considerations. No one wants to think about unfortunate outcomes, however, race car safety equipment, such as seating, harnesses, and roll cages can significantly reduce the likelihood of an injury during a crash. During a rollover where the roof gets crushed, a bucket seat is designed to fold backward in a horizontal position and protect the driver. Restraint systems, such as a 6-point harness, will prevent unwanted movement by avoiding pressure on any singular area. A harness bar or roll cage can help protect the driver from injuries during an impact accident.

Custom Alignment
and Corner Balancing

A performance-oriented alignment will improve the handling of your car on the track. Our technicians are experienced in achieving the perfect combination of an aggressive racing alignment while maintaining safe driving conditions. To complement a custom alignment, your vehicle must have proper corner balance in order to handle left and right turns evenly. Any small change in height will significantly impact weight carried and should be corrected by corner balancing.

The Porsche GT2 and GT3
Total Track Preparation Package

Getting your vehicle track ready is our expertise! We specialize in giving Porsche GT2 and GT3s our total track preparation package—built on safety, longevity, performance, and value upgrades. Here are some of the brands we feature in these builds:

  • Girodisc
  • Pagid Racing
  • Schroth Racing
  • BBI Autosport
  • Hans Performance Products
  • Endless Brake Technology
  • Michelin Tires
  • AiM Technologies

Driver Coaching & Simulators

Ready to upgrade your driving performance? Take your driving to the next level with trackside coaching. Through data analysis, ride alongs, and industry-leading coaching, we can help you fine tune your driving performance. We also use an in-house simulator and partner with the SpeedLAB.

Suspension Upgrades

What do you want out of your track car? Better handling, a lower ride, or to improve weight transfer? We perform several performance suspension upgrades to provide more precise and controllable handling on the track. From adjusting shocks and struts to springs and coilovers, we can refine your car’s dynamics for better performance. By altering the suspension on your race car, you’ll shorten lap times and improve your overall driving experience.


To improve your track position, do not overlook simple performance upgrades. Upgrading to performance tires will improve your car’s handling, provide tighter steering, and increase road presence. Switching your stock brake system with a quality brake setup will help shorten braking distances on the track. An in-car data system will log your lap time calculation and track position from start to finish, including RPMS, injection times, sparkplugs, intake air temperature, and more. Our technicians can analyze your race car and determine what performance upgrades will lead to a better track experience.