Expert Porsche
Convertible Top

If you are having problems with your Porsche top, we want to help. We have the factory tools necessary—as well as practical experience required, to solve your convertible top issue on 987, 996, 997, and 991 models. If your top is experiencing a leak, motor issues, or trouble opening or closing, we can help provide a solution. Our repairs ensure the best fit, look, feel, and quality for your Porsche.

Common Porsche Convertible Top Problems

  • Side flaps inactive
  • Failure to open or close
  • Partial latching
  • Window leaks or separation
  • Holes in top material

Porsche Convertible Top Parts

At Total Performance Center, we source the best factory or hydraulic rebuilt parts for your Porsche. We’ll find the perfect convertible top that matches your desired color, weight, texture, and material.

What to Expect from a Repair or Replacement