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Maintenance Schedules

How often is your vehicle serviced? Whether you drive a daily, collectible, rare, exotic, or track car, regular maintenance is crucial. Car maintenance schedules are designed to maintain the performance and value of vehicles. It’s also essential that all work is properly documented via the car’s VIN.

Common Cars We Service

While we specialize in Porsche and BMW cars, we are also greatly experienced in servicing:

  • Audi
  • Chevrolet (Corvette)
  • Dodge (Challenger, Charger, Ram, SRT, and hellcat)
  • Ford (Mustang, Raptor)
  • Mercedes-Benz (S-class, E-class, and G wagon)
  • Rolls Royce

The Importance of Record Keeping

At Total Performance Center, we report all services we perform to Carfax via VIN. This ensures proper documentation is recorded on a car’s permanent record via its VIN. That way, when you’re looking to resell or trade-in your vehicle, its value is protected.