Your vehicle’s alignment is incredibly important to its handling characteristics. Our technicians have the tools and experience to set your car up in the best way possible for you to meet your performance goals. Whether your vehicle is for autocross, track, or street, we can fine tune your alignment and help you find valuable lap time!

The Benefits of track Alignment

4-wheel laser alignments are necessary for the following reasons:

  • We have found that most street cars have never actually received a proper 4-wheel alignment where the rear toe is also adjusted into spec. This can drastically affect the performance of your street car.
  • Adjusting turn-in or push, rear grip, or slip (based on toe).
  • Evening out tire wear to make sure you get the most life and grip out of your expensive R compound track tires.
  • For street or track cars looking for further adjustability, we specialize in suspension modifications to allow even further alignment/suspension tuning.

The Impact of Corner Balancing

Corner balancing has one goal in mind, providing a neutral weight distribution for maximum on-track performance. Whether we are installing a full new set of Bilstein Coilovers, Ohlins TTx, R&T, or adjusting your factory installed Coilovers on a GT car- we can corner balance your car to exacting specifications.