Performance Upgrades
for the Track

What does your car need to perform better on the track? A quality brake setup, performance tires, and an in-car data system are just a few of the installations we can perform. At Total Performance Center, performance upgrades are made with your driving needs in mind.


Performance Exhaust Upgrades

Ready for more power, great sound, and less weight? There are a variety of options to make your car sound better while producing additional horsepower. From simple muffler installations to full exhaust systems, we can help you find what you are looking for or simply install your preferred system!  Total Performance Center is a Dundon Motorsports preferred installer and is experienced in working with all popular brands such as Soul Performance Products and Akrapovič.


We use pre-defined or mapped tuning to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their vehicle’s engine. After any performance modification, engine tuning may be necessary for your modifications to work smoothly and seamlessly together.


If your goal is to go faster on the track, aerodynamics upgrades will help you get there! Aerodynamics can also achieve a more aggressive look and increase the front and rear downforce. These upgrades include spoiler extensions, new spoilers, front spoilers, front lips, dive planes, splitters, rear wings, body trays, and more. With any aerodynamic installation, we ensure your car achieves the right balance.

Looking for Suspension Upgrades?

Suspension upgrades are essential for increasing performance. We offer suspension setups and customization options for different applications.

Full Rear View Visibility

To see those behind you on the track, especially when paired with a cage, you need full rear view visibility. We can turn any rear view mirror into a fully functioning digital rear view camera, eliminating the obstructions completely.

Official AiM Sports Partner

As an official AiM Sports partner, we can help you plan, build, and install your track data and video recording needs. An in-car data system will improve your performance on the track by logging your lap time, position, throttle input, steering input, and brake input as well as a laundry list of performance data. Whether you want to log the data for later review with your coach, link a recording device for in-car video (with track overlays), or view predictive lap times and all necessary car data on a dedicated in-car dash, we can help you with your exact custom configuration.

Performance Tires

No matter which run-group you are in, we can help make the best decisions possible on tire selection. We consider if you are driving to the event or if the car will be trailered, which run-group you are in, what times you are running, any in-car data, and how your current tires are wearing. We can increase grip, turn-in, and, in some cases, even tire wear by changing your track tire compound. Common upgrades include Michelin Sportcup 2s, Sportcup2R for RS’s, Dunlop Maxx Race 2’s, Hoosier DOT slicks, R888R’s, and Hankook slicks.

Performance Brake Setup

Brake fluid, pads, lines, rotors, and calipers all affect your braking performance. We can help make the best decisions possible for increased performance and longevity. Common brake upgrades at TPC include Motul RBF600, Endless fluid, Pagid race pads, Girodisc, Surface Transforms rotors, and, of course, a full caliper/piston rebuild as necessary.