Improve Lap Times
with Driver Coaching
and Simulators

Ready to upgrade your driving performance? Through data analysis and ride alongs, we can help connect you to industry-leading coaching.

Driver Coaching

Driver coaches are excellent for improving lap times and increasing technical knowledge. They’ll help you get a better understanding of how your track or race car interact with each part of the track. Your coach might make suggestions including seating position, shift points, and when you could be ready to make car upgrades to help further the driving experience- including brake, safety, and performance.

Driving Simulators

We offer a driving simulator in-house. Our clients are welcome to use it to check out a new track ahead of an event, fine-tune your skills, and address any “problem areas” that you would like to work on, as we all search for our PR’s. Further, we subscribe to the iRacing platform so that you can collaborate with your driving instructor in a virtual setting.

Train with

  • Trackside or remote. Real or virtual (simulator). Right seat or data driven. We average over 100 days a year of full-time driver coaching and racetracks all over the USA. We work with drivers of all skill levels in cars ranging from momentum-based race cars to the world’s fastest supercars. Our results-driven format of coaching continues to benefit all drivers throughout their growth and development. Coaching is the number one way to improve lap time and has proven time and time again to be the best value per tenth of second in lap time improvement than any bolt-on performance upgrade could provide. Let us help you find your speed on track through a proper coaching plan tailored to your needs.

  • Using our proven race-winning development program, we can help you find additional speed and handling in your race car or track car. We know what to look for and how to influence a car in its setup to behave better on the track and better use its tires, fuel, and other resources. This will make it easier for the driver to drive and meet their on-track needs and goals. Using data, experience, and industry knowledge, we will help you find a better version of your track car.

  • Using over 20 years of simulator building experience, working with countless variations of setup, quality, and price of hardware, SpeedLAB has developed an industry-leading training tool in the P882 simulator chassis. We utilize industry-leading simulator controls from Fanatec, coupled with our P882 chassis and setup. We also customize your location to your driving needs. The SpeedLAB simulator enables a driver to refine and develop new skills faster and with confidence by utilizing the industry leading IRacing simulator platform. We can work with you post-install to align your sim driving career with your real-life driving goals to ensure you get the most from the SpeedLAB simulator. We create a massive 120-inch display that is over 20 inches tall and wraps around your body, providing a highly immersive 180-degree view of your driving environment. Our 30 years of IT experience allows us to extract the most from the hardware, while the onboard transducers provide an industry-leading experience. Our unique platform will help any driver develop new driving skills.

Utilize all three or just one of these services, and your lap times will improve. Let SpeedLAB work with you to tailor a program that fits your skill, timeframe, and budget to improve your driving on track and increase your enjoyment around the sport that provides you so much fun and joy.