The Best
Car Safety Upgrades
for the Track

Safety upgrades are necessary for all track cars to protect the driver and instructor on-track. Every car and driver use-case is different.  We can help educate the driver on all options and how they interact with their car and use-case. We will help design and install a full solution that meets your needs.

Seating and Harnesses

Drivers should be comfortable and have complete control when behind the wheel of their track car. As speeds and corresponding g-forces increase, you might find that half of your effort is spent trying to keep your body in one place. Some key upgrades can help maintain a very secure seating position so that you can concentrate purely on car control. We want to make sure that you get the right equipment, including helmet, hans, shoes, seats, harnesses, etc., and can help with choosing the right brands and equipment sizing.

Some of these upgrades include:

  • Race specific seats with tight/high bolsters such as Recaro or OMP depending on driver size and shape.
  • Seat brackets to fine-tune comfortable driving position. We commonly install a special bracket on Porsche factory lightweight buckets to optimize driver seating position.
  • While you can run a race seat with a stock 3-point harness, a 6-point race harness is a huge upgrade.
  • Harnesses such as our preferred Sroth brand provide an incredibly secure 6-point mounting, ensured to keep your body in one place.
  • Further increasing safety, the harnesses are designed to work in conjunction with most HANS devices- highly recommended for anyone serious about spending some time on track.

Roll Cages and Harness Bars

Typical track car setups also include a harness bar or half/rear cage.

  • A harness bar is designed with one purpose in mind- to get a place to mount your upper harness straps. This is an ideal solution for Autocross cars and light track use.
  • Half cages or rear cages can provide some additional torsional rigidity to the body of the car, have provisions for mounting the harnesses as well as other track accessories like an AiM camera or video recorder. They can also help provide some additional safety in the event of an on-track incident.
  • If you are ready to step up to a full cage race car, we are happy to help with the build as well! There are many options from bolt-in to fully fabricated weld in cages. It is very important to get a good understanding of your intended use and race class in the very early stages of the build, to ensure that your car will comply with the class.